Dr. Leigh Ann Cornman, Director

Dr. Leigh Ann CornmanThe Poplar Bluff Technical Career Center is a learning environment dedicated to instruction and training in career education. PBTCC trains students to enter the workforce with entry-level skills and/or to continue their education in that field or other educational fields while using their gained career skillset for personal benefit.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) works for our community’s students. According to a 2005 report by the National Research Council for CTE, “A ratio of one CTE class for every two academic classes minimizes the risk of a student dropping out of high school.” Supporting local data indicates this is true with a 97.94 percent (four year average) graduation rate for the PBTCC consortium (2017-2021).   The 2021 Post-Program Placement report lists our consortium at 84.27% placement.  This highlights that students are interested in Career and Technical Education and they are going to work, this serves as our guiding purpose at the Poplar Bluff Technical Career Center: we teach people career skills!

The information and knowledge gained in our amazing programs are the stepping-stones for our student’s futures and ultimate success. The essential key to the success of our students is our staff. Every instructor at PBTCC is from the industry they instruct, each bringing a wealth of knowledge as successful members of their profession, and a passion for passing on their knowledge to eager and ready students. This combination of professionals-turned-educators plus willing and eager students leads to a learning environment in which students want to come to school each and every day to learn their future profession.  Over the past few years, there has been a growing trend towards career education as an alternative to traditional college programs. And for good reason – career education offers a number of benefits that can make it a more attractive option for many students.

One of the main advantages of career education is the focus on specific skills and knowledge. Rather than taking a broad range of courses as they would in a traditional college program, students in career education programs receive specialized training in a particular field or trade. This means that they are able to gain the specific skills and knowledge they need to pursue a particular career, and are more prepared to enter the workforce upon graduation.

An additional benefit of career education is the practical, hands-on learning opportunities that are often offered. Many career education programs include internships or other real-world projects, which can give students valuable experience and help them to develop their skills. This can be especially appealing to students who prefer a more hands-on, experiential learning style.

Finally, career education programs often have connections to local businesses and industries, which can provide students with valuable job opportunities and internships after graduation. This can be a great way for students to gain practical experience and make connections in their chosen field.

Overall, career education is a great option for students who are looking for a specialized and practical education that can lead to a rewarding career. It is worth considering as an alternative to a traditional college program.  PBTCC is proud of the many students who were able to find their career paths and skill sets here and will continue to evolve to provide the next generation’s career needs as they arise.

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